Rocks & Minerals in Phoenix, AZ
The definition of "mineral" used by most geologists, a substance must meet five requirements:
- Naturally occurring
- Inorganic
- Solid
- Definite chemical composition
- Ordered internal structure
"Naturally occurring" means that people did not make it. Steel is not a mineral because it is an alloy produced by people.

"Inorganic" means that the substance is not made by an organism. Wood and pearls are made by organisms and thus are not minerals.

"Solid" means that it is not a liquid or a gas at standard temperature and pressure.
"Definite chemical composition" means that all occurrences of that mineral have a chemical composition that varies within a specific limited range. For example: the mineral halite (known as "rock salt" when it is mined) has a chemical composition of NaCl. It is made up of an equal number of atoms of sodium and chlorine.
"Ordered internal structure" means that the atoms in a mineral are arranged in a systematic and repeating pattern. The structure of the mineral halite is shown in the illustration on this page. Halite is composed of an equal ratio of sodium and chlorine atoms arranged in a cubic pattern.

  1. Hemamorphite
  2. Desert Roses
  3. Fish tail Selenite
  4. Green Tourmaline Crystals
  5. Quartz with Black Tourmaline Rutiles
  6. Arizona Chrysocolla
Mineral Specimins
We have a huge variety of specimans from all over the world. These make excellent decorations for your home or office and adds that little "Extra" to the room. 
  1. Quartz Geode from Mexico
Geodes are Mother Nature's presents. You never know whats inside and get this!!! If you are the person who opens it then you are the VERY first person to see whats inside! How cool is that?!
Polished Halves
Just like a Geode minus the crystals! These guys look like plain Jane rocks on the outside. Inside they can have stripes, striations, dendrites, sagenites, and more!
Slabs are another great way to decorate your space and give it a little pop. Some people will also cut the slabs and make them into jewelry pieces. Others might just want to collect them because they are cool.
Tumbled Rocks
Tumbled rocks are just about 99% of the populations past time. Every kid when through a tubled rock phase. Usually a pet rock or carrying them around in their pockets. We have a wide variety for everyones pockets.